LED vs HPS Indoor Grow Lights for Hydroponics

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LED vs HPS Indoor Grow Lights for Hydroponics


Whether you’re an experienced indoor grower or are looking to set up a hydroponic grow room for the first time, you’re probably wondering if LED lighting is really better than HPS for hydroponics.  There was a time that HPS grow lights far outstripped their LED counterparts, but that’s no longer the case.  LED lighting technology has advance in leaps in bounds over the past few years, and some growers believe that pound-for-pound they’re the best way to grow indoors. 

HPS Grow Lights

HPS lighting is a well-established technology that used to be the only option if you wanted to grow indoors or off season, whether you were using hydroponics or not.  This means that HPS lights are generally less expensive, easier to find and are very dependable.  And since they’ve been in use for so long, there’s a wealth of data and advice available on how to best employ HPS lighting in a hydroponic garden.

However, HPS lights are not without their drawbacks.  First, they’re not very energy efficient.  HPS lights guzzle energy compared to LED’s, which can create unwanted attention for your indoor growing operation.  HPS lights also produce a great deal of heat, making temperature control in your grow room more difficult.  Plus, setting them up properly can be complicated and time consuming, a frustrating proposition when you’re ready to start growing indoors the moment your lights arrive at your door.

LED Grow Lights

Contemporary LED grow lights can rival the light production of HPS bulbs while only requiring half the wattage.  While LED lighting requires a larger initial investment, it provides growers significant savings on power bills, reducing the overall cost of an indoor growing endeavor.  They also last longer than HPS bulbs, providing a lifespan that’s five to ten time greater.  LED grow lights don’t run as hot as HPS lights, making it easier to control the temperature in your grow room.  This is particularly important when using hydroponics, as even slight temperature changes can affect the health of your plants.

LED lighting also offers greater adaptability, especially for smaller indoor growing setups.  HPS lights are a bit cumbersome and take up a great deal of space, in addition to being a pain to assemble.  On the other hand, LED lights are usually ready to use right out of the box, take up considerably less space than HPS lights, and can be placed closer to your plants, allowing you a smaller footprint.  You can also specifically tailor LED lights to suit your crop, focusing on the spectrums your plants need during their lifecycles.  LED lighting also promises a higher crop yield than HPS, between one and a half and three times greater in fact.  

So check out these LED lighting options for your indoor hydroponic growing operation.  They can save you time, money, and frustration.  Whether you’re a well-seasoned grower or new to the world of hydroponics, you’ll be glad you did.



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