AA Infinity Tray W/Drain, 8'x4'

$207.49 $165.99

Active Aqua introduces the Infinity Tray series—an array of premium ABS panels that work with standard 4' wide benches. These trays are available in 4' and 8' center lengths, creating a continuous grow space when interlocked and maximizing your square footage. All 4' end caps include designated drain sections. Center panels are also available with drain option. 

  • Flood and drain setups are not recommended to exceed 64'. If your grow space requires additional benches, begin a new station with an Infinity endcap to set up another continuous station.  
  • Recommended use with our Rolling Bench System AGT10001
  • All panels are low profile at 2.5" in height 
  • No arch lip allows you to maximize your inner and outer grow/work space
  • All corresponding panels nest perfectly, allowing you to create custom lengths to your needs
  • 10%-15% thicker than other bench trays 
  • Recyclable—made from BPA-free 100% virgin plastic cap over recycled ABS plastic core
  • Shallow grooves for easy cleaning
  • Made in Canada 

Note: Active Aqua Infinity Trays contain recycled plastic, which may result in very slight color variance.

* Adhesive/Sealant: LOCTITE 5510 (sold seperately)

NOTE: One tube of LOCTITE 5510 yields approximately four connections

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