adjust a wing light reflector

Adjust-A-Wing Light Reflector

  • $92.70
  • Save $57

The Adjust-A-Wing Reflector harmonises light-weight heat resistant materials in an aesthetically pleasing design.  Growing power is maximised as the expansive wings can be positioned within optimal distance to plants for perfectly focused illumination and area coverage.  With an adjustable double parabola and special coatings that provide an evenly diffused light to create ‘seasonal’ conditions, you simply cant get any better than this high-end technology device. The highly durable airplane aluminium and functional design allows you to mount and move with ease and evenly enhance your growth.

Features include White Reflector, Bulb Holder, Super Spreader and 2 tensioning Cables.

 We recommend the Adjust-A-Wings Defender White Large as this beauty can increase the growing area under each lamp by 75% and increase yield per lamp by up to 50%, this means less lights and lower costs for a crop area of 1.75 x 1.35m.