Amare SolarPRO SP400 (Pro4)

$1,398.44 $1,257.81

Are you a serious indoor or commercial grower? Then the Amare SolarPro line is for you with the best quality and results of any grow light on the market. 

The new series of Canna-Specific SolarSPEC™ Grow Lights are the most powerful light delivery solution. The lights feature the latest in High-Intensity LED components, in addition to PAR Power Technology™ with canopy-piercing Advanced Secondary Optics and a proprietary light spectrum that outpaces their HID and LED counterparts watt for watt. Each unit is available with separate circuits to augment the flowering photo-period. All of this equates to strong growth and increased yield densities all with reduced cooling energy requirements. 

Product features:

  • top-bin CREE CXB3590 COB LEDs
  • ultra-efficicient CREE XP-G3 and XP-E2 monochrome LEDs
  • UL listed Meanwell drivers
  • precision laser cut aluminum housing for max heat-dissipation and weight reduction.
  • copper-core heat-sinks and high cfm ball-bearing fans to keep everything running cool.
  • patented reflector lenses array with removable lenses for maximize coverage and intensity.
  • Daisy chain to connect multiple lights together with ease.


1x Pro4: 2.25' x 4.5' @18" (no lenses)

2x:  4.5' x 4.5' @20" (no lenses)

3x:  5' x 7' @20" (no lenses)


Grow Area  2.25 ft x 4.5 ft
Ideal Height from Canopy  18 in
Dimensions 36" x 10.2" x 3.5"
Power Consumption 400 Watts
Voltage 85V - 265 V
Warranty 5 Year

Product includes: Fixture, power cords, heavy-duty ratchet hangers and adjustable H-brackets to attach the panels together for increase coverage. Precision laser cut aluminum housing with gloss white powder-coat finish. SP400




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